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Our Services
Expert Lawn Mowing
Our spring cleanup service is unmatched. We
will meticulously remove all of the debris left
behind from old man winter, including sand
on your lawn near the street from previous
winter storms.. Every leaf is removed from
under your shrubs, decks, behind your trash
receptacles, leaving your property ready for
spring. A de-thatch is highly recommended
with this detailed service for optimal results.
Lawn De-Thatching
This service is best performed in
the early spring months before
you apply your pre-emergence
crabgrass control and lime. This
service removes the harmful
compact layer of lawn debris
called thatch and opens up your
lawns root system to allow vital
nutrients into the ground, making
your lawn grow thicker and
healthier. We recommend this
service once annually for optimal
results, but bi-annually at a
Core Aeration
A process commonly used to
deepen your lawns root system,
making it more drought resistant,
and  easier to obtain key
nutrients. This service is often
performed in conjunction with
our de-thatching and even better
with over seeding applications.
Mulch, loam, and stone applications.                        
We offer competitive rates on delivering and applying mulch, loam, and stone to your property. We have a selection of great mulches, including
our premium select mulches, that feature 100% true hemlock, and red cedar bark, without any pine or spruce fillers, which provide longer
lasting color, and offer a natural insect repellent. Call today for a free estimate! Your materials are delivered then applied smooth and perfectly.
Sod deliveries and Installation
This is a great alternative to over-seeding, especially in the spring when your seed fails to compete with emerging weeds. We install your sod
within hours atfer being cut at the local turf farm, and keep it covered during transport, so it does not suffer from wind damage during transit.
This is the most effective way to achieve a flawless lawn. Your new lawn requires a minimum of 4 hours of daily direct sunlight, as well as
adequate watering to ensure its health. Summer installation is not recommended in full sun areas.
This is best performed in mid September after a lawn de-thatching and aeration. As the weeds start to die
off from cooler weather, your grass seed will flourish with proper watering. Choosing the right grass seed is
almost a craft in itself,  be sure to trust the experts at N.R.I. with choosing  the best seed for your turf area.
Lamdscape designs and nursery stock installations
Looking for a new landscape design? We have you covered, from illustrated designs, to delivery of nursery stock, and installation
as well as caring for your new plants, trust NRI to get the job done on time and on budget with no hassles.
Fall Cleanups
Performed with attention to detail, and with the best available equipment in the industry.
Either performed periodically throughout the fall or once annually for smaller properties. No
one performs a better cleanup than NRI landscaping.
-Mulch, loam, and stone deliveries and installations -Illustrated Landscape Designs -Nursery stock deliveries
and installations -Lawn maintenance -Spring and fall cleanups -Sod installations -Fertilization and Pesticide
Application -Water garden installations -Hedge trimming of all shapes and sizes -Dethatching and core
aeration -Patios -Walkways -Retaining walls -Snow Removal (coming in the winter of 2016-2017) Our staff of
seasoned professionals are easily approachable, speak fluent English, and have all passed a criminal
background check.
Our service professionals will
remove any trash, sticks, and
debris before carefully trimming
and edging your lawn areas to
perfection. We use caution not to
damage painted surfaces, siding,
or bark on trees. We are always
aware of our surroundings and
are cautious not to propel small
rocks into the air. Your lawn will
be cut to perfection every time
year in and year out, freeing up
time for family, recreation, or
Spring Cleanups
10% off all labor for any active or retired
military, police, fire, or EMS worker. NRI
Landscaping would be honored to serve
you, this is our way of saying thank you for
your sacrifice and service. You can never
be thanked enough. THANK YOU!
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Expert Hedge Trimming

From small yew shrubs, to 25 ft hemlock, our staff possess the skills
to bring out the best in your hedges, Many property owners have
come to us to reshape and improve the health of their shrubs, and
within a few years, they achieve that perfect shape and healthy
vigor that we all pursue in our shrubbery
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