Evergreens and Privacy Hedges
"Green Giant "
Arborvitae varieties
"Dark American"
"Golden Arborvitae"
"Emerald Green"
Blue Point Juniper
Birds Nest Spruce
Proudly serving Cumberland and Lincoln Rhode Island since 1998!
Since 1998, NRI Landscaping has served Cumberland and Lincoln R.I.'s property owners with unbeatable service, workmanship, and
property maintenance. Owner, David Turco grew a  passion for landscaping and it shows in the quality of work our clients receive
year in and year out. We only focus on the Cumberland and Lincoln area , and our local clients never receive anything but the best.
We will always go the extra mile to make you happy. So when it comes to hiring a new landscaper, why not give NRI a try?
Hooks Juniper
Hetzi Columnar Juniper
Dwarf Balsam Fir
Abies Concolors
(White Fir)
Frasier Fir
Blue Star Juniper
Icey Blue Juniper
Japanese Rock Garden
Russian Juniper
Andora Compacta Juniper
Blue Harbor Juniper
Blue Chip Juniper
Blue Pacific Juniper
Blue Rug Juniper
Casino Gold Juniper
Gold Coast Juniper
Grey Owl Juniper
Fitzer Compacta Juniper
Prince of Wales Juniper
Sargenti Juniper
Sea Green Juniper
Columnar Blue Spruce
Weeping Norway Spruce
Tolleson's Weeping Juniper
Serbian Spruce
Dwarf Serbian Spruce
Dwarf Alberta Spruce
White Spruce
Montgomery Blue Spruce
Fat Albert Spruce
Hoopsi Colorado Blue Spruce
Colorado Spruce
Swiss Stone Pine
Vanderwolfes Limber Pine
Japanese Black Pine
Weeping White Pine
Eastern White Pine
Yew Shrubs
Pyrimidal Japanese Yew
Dwarf English Spreading Yew
Sargents Weeping Hemlock
Mugo Pine
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