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Bulk Materials
Proudly serving Cumberland and Lincoln Rhode Island since 1998!
Since 1998, NRI Landscaping has served Cumberland and Lincoln R.I.'s property owners with unbeatable
service, workmanship, and property maintenance. Owner, David Turco grew a  passion for landscaping
and it shows in the quality of work our clients receive year in and year out. We only focus on the
Cumberland and Lincoln area , and our local clients never receive anything but the best. We will always
go the extra mile to make you happy. So when it comes to hiring a new landscaper, why not give NRI a try?
  Mulch, loam, and stone applications                    
We offer competitive rates on delivering and applying mulch, loam, and stone to your
property. We have a selection of great mulches, including our premium
select mulches, that feature 100% true hemlock, and red cedar bark, without any pine or spruce
fillers, which provide longer lasting color, and offer a natural
insect repellent. Call today for a free estimate!  Your materials are delevered then applied
smooth and perfectly.
Red Cedar blend -red in color(also available in 100% red cedar, a natural insect repellent)
Hemlock blend -brownish red in color (also available in 100% hemlock bark, also a natural insect repellent)
landscapers blend -dark brown in color (dyed pine and spruce blend)
Black Pine -looks great in modern home and corporate landscapes,
Certified playground mulch -no sharp edges, chemicals, or dyes here

Premium Screened loam -Ph tested and loaded with beneficial micro-organisms and nutrients
Premium Compost Also Ph tested and loaded with nutrients and micro-organisms

Stone Products
Stone Dust -perfect for packing under patio blocks, or for a low budget walkway or driveway.

3/8" Plum stone gravel. Lavender in color when wet, pastel pink when dry
3/4" Plum stone gravel
3/8" Blue stone gravel  -blue-grey in color
3/4" Blue stone gravel

Granite cobblestone
Field Stone

Sod fresh cut when ordered, delivered and applied same day

Call for pricing and availability
Providing Professional Landscaping services to Cumberland and Lincoln RI for
over 15 years! Call David Turco today for a free onsite estimate! (401) 248-5200
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