Ornamental Trees

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Crabapple Varieties

Blooms in Early Spring. Grows from 6 ft – 50 ft tall, and 15ft – 25 ft wide, depending on the variety.


Pink Spire

Red Jewel

Golden Raindrops


Prairie Fire



Spring Snow


Tupelo Tree

Grows 40-60 ft tall.

Lily Of the Valley Tree

Grows 20-30′ tall
10-15 ft wide
Bloom color white
Fall color red/orange

Dawn Redwood

Grows 70-100 ft tall,
15-20 ft wide
Deer Resistant
Fluting Trunk

Goldenrain Tree

Grows up to 40 ft tall and wide. Blooms June to July.
Drought tolerant once established

Tulip Tree

Grows 30-50′ wide and up to 50′ tall.
Deer tolerant

Persian Perottia Tree

Red flowers in early Spring. Grows 15-30 feet tall and wide.

Sweet Gum Tree

Grows 60-80 ft tall and 40-60 ft wide. Blooms Yellow green April to May. Deer Resistant

Red Horse Chestnut

Deciduous. Pinkish red spring blooms. Grows 30-40 ft tall.

Newport Plum Tree

Blooms in Spring. Grows up to 20 ft tall and wide. Deer resistant.

Kwanzan Double Pink Cherry

Pink blooms in Spring. Yellow or copper Fall foliage. Grows 15-25 ft tall and wide.

Double Pink Japanese Hagan Cherry

Grows 15-20 ft tall and wide.

Purple Leaf Flowering Cherry

April Blooms white and pink. Grows 15-25 ft tall and wide.

Cascading White Snow Fountain Cherry

Grows 10-12′ tall and 6-8 ft wide.

Japanese Snowball Tree

Grows 8-12 ft tall and wide.

Chanticleer Pear

Grows 30-50 ft tall and 10-20 ft tall. White blooms early Spring.

Weeping White Pine

Grows 6-15ft tall and 10-20 ft wide.

Japanesse Stewertia Tree

Daily watering REQUIRED.
Grows 60 ft tall and 25 ft wide.

Bowhall or Armstrong Swamp

Grows 40 ft tall and only 15 ft wide.

Crimson King Maple

Grows 40-50 ft tall and 25-35 ft wide.

Green Mountain Sugar Maple

Grows 50-75 ft tall and 30-50 ft wide.

Chinese Paperback

Grows 20-30′ tall and 15-25 ft wide. Green foliage during Summer months, and reds, oranges and yellows in fall. Stunning bark.

Autumn Blaze Maple

Grows 40-50 ft tall and 30-40 ft wide.

Upright Red Japanese Maple

Grows 10-15 ft tall and 8-12 ft wide

Lions Head Maple

Grows 12-15 ft tall. Golden amber-orange Fall foliage.

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Grows 15-20 ft tall and wide.

Queen Crimson Japanese Maple

Grows up to 4 ft wide and tall.

Japanese Maple

Grows up to 25 ft tall and wide.

Field Hedge Maple

When not shaped like a hedge, it can grow 50-80 ft tall.


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